Sport Displays is on Dragons Den December 16th - Season Finale! -

After 7 attempts Sport Displays and the Jersey Mount is finally entering the Den on December 16th, 2021 during the season finale! It's been a very long road, however we finally got our chance to pitch our product in front of some of the most iconic names and entrepreneurs that Canada has to offer.

After attending over 150 tradeshows throughout Canada the US and even the UK we finally got our chance to show the Dragons how easy the Jersey Mount is to use, install and most importantly how it can easily fit inside of any fans home or room!

Great for decorating fan caves, game rooms, kids room, offices, dorm rooms or in his case the Dragons Den set! The Jersey Mount is always the easiest, fastest and most professional option in showing off your favorite Jersey.

Check us out on December 16th as we pitch the Dragons on CBC.

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