The Future of displaying your favorite Jersey is finally here!

I remember as a kid receiving my first ever jersey.  It was a Montreal Canadians red Patrick Roy #33 jersey.  Growing up, I remember wearing it all the time to school, while I played road hockey and as much as possible when I went out with friends and family.  Jerseys for kids and even adults are memories of good times and some bad that you get to wear.  With the Jersey Mount and its unique Snap and Go feature, sport fans can quickly snap off the Jersey Mount from the wall, pull off their jersey and wear it on game day.  After the game they can simply snap the Mount back into place and show off their favorite team all over again on either their wall or ceiling!

Another very unique design that the Jersey Mount has is that it can be installed to any surface type including the ceiling! That's right, you can now attach the Jersey Mount to absolutely any surface type! No screws necessary! 3M command strips will hold the Jersey Mount to any surface type without damaging your walls or ceiling!

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