7 of the Biggest Sport Collectors in the World

by Nyden Kovatchev on Oct 04, 2023

sport collectors

Here are 7 of the Top Sport Collectors in the World:

  1. Pete Siegel: Pete Siegel is known for his extensive collection of baseball memorabilia. His collection includes thousands of baseballs, bats, jerseys, and other artifacts from the world of baseball. He has been featured in documentaries and media for his dedication to preserving baseball history.

  2. Gary Cypres: Gary Cypres is renowned for his comprehensive sports memorabilia collection, which spans multiple sports. His "Sports Museum of Los Angeles" displayed a wide range of sports artifacts, including baseball cards, game-used equipment, and much more.

  3. Richard Davis: Richard Davis has a vast collection of basketball memorabilia, particularly focused on the NBA. His collection includes jerseys, trading cards, shoes, and other items related to basketball legends.

  4. Bob Crotty: Bob Crotty is known for his remarkable collection of Chicago Cubs memorabilia. His collection includes a wide range of Cubs artifacts, including vintage memorabilia and items related to iconic Cubs players.

  5. Brad Horn: Brad Horn, a former spokesperson for the Baseball Hall of Fame, is known for his extensive collection of baseball memorabilia. His collection features a wide array of baseball artifacts and historical items.

  6. David Amerman: David Amerman is a collector of sports cards and memorabilia, particularly focused on baseball. His collection includes rare and valuable baseball cards, autographs, and vintage memorabilia.

  7. Chris Ivy: Chris Ivy is a well-known collector and the director of sports auctions at Heritage Auctions. He has handled and collected a wide range of sports memorabilia, particularly in the field of sports cards.

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