Medal Display Ideas for kids rooms!

by Nyden Kovatchev on May 19, 2023

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Displaying medals in a kids' room can be a wonderful way to showcase their achievements and encourage them to take pride in their accomplishments. Here are some ideas for displaying medals in a creative and engaging way:

  1. Medal display board: Create a dedicated display board for the medals. You can use a corkboard, pegboard, or fabric-covered board. Attach the medals to the board using push pins or hooks. Arrange them in a visually appealing pattern or organize them by sport or achievement.

  2. Medal hangers: Install medal hangers on the wall to hang the medals. There are various designs available, including ones shaped like sports equipment or personalized with the child's name. Hang the medals individually or use multiple hangers to create a larger display.

  3. Medal frames: Consider framing a selection of medals in a shadow box frame. Arrange the medals neatly in the frame, and you can also add a photo of the child participating in the respective activity or a small plaque detailing their achievements.

  4. Medal tree: Purchase or create a decorative metal or wooden tree-shaped display stand. Hang the medals from the branches of the tree, creating a visually appealing and unique display.

  5. Ribbon display: Instead of displaying the full medals, you can create a ribbon display. Attach the ribbons to a decorative board or hang them from a rod using clips. This allows for a colorful and space-efficient way to showcase the medals.

  6. Trophy shelf: If your child has trophies along with their medals, consider installing a small shelf on the wall. Place the trophies on the shelf and arrange the medals around them. This creates a comprehensive display of their achievements.

  7. DIY display: Encourage your child to get creative and make their own medal display. They can use materials like cardboard, paint, and colorful ribbons to design and construct a unique display board or hanger that reflects their personality and interests.

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Remember to regularly clean and polish the medals to keep them looking their best. By displaying their medals prominently in their room, you'll provide a constant reminder of their accomplishments and encourage them to continue striving for success.

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