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When we created the Jersey Mount, one of the most important things that we wanted to do was to make sure that fans could customize their display in as many ways as possible.  One of the ways we had in mind was by custom logos, images, player names, stat lines, slogans, websites and much more! The Jersey Mount can come in any color, it can be branded/customized and it can be installed or attached to any surface type! This product is something every sport fan should have on their walls, ceilings, in their offices, dorm rooms, basements, fan caves, children's...

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Sport Displays Fundraising is now available!  Our fundraisers have already been off to an amazing start raising over $12,500 for teams and clubs in the first two weeks of operations!  Our fundraisers offer no upfront costs whatsoever to your club or organization! Custom colors and branding are available! Here's how it works! We will offer you our product at an exclusive discounted price to your organization and demographic of customers.  All you have to do is offer our product to your clientele and receive the orders. Once you have collected the orders and money, simply let us know how many...

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The Jersey Mount is back in 2019 and better than ever! With the NFL Playoffs currently underway and the Superbowl fast approaching, now is the perfect time to display those Jerseys! No matter if you are a NBA fan, NHL fan, MLB fan, MLS fan or NFL fan, the Jersey Mount display system is here for you. Easy to install, easy to use, easy to access, affordable and looks amazing on the wall or ceiling! Get yours today!  

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It doesn't matter if you are an NBA Fan, It doesn't matter if you are an NHL Fan, It doesn't matter if you are an NFL Fan, It doesn't matter if you are an MLB Fan, It doesn't matter if you are an MLS Fan, If you are a sport fan and have a jersey then the Jersey Mount Display System from Sport Displays is the product for you! Easy to mount to any surface type, it's affordable and is a great way to display your favorite sport teams jersey.  Get yours today at

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Are you a student in Canada or the USA? Are you looking for extra income while at school? Would you like to work in Sports Marketing/Sales/Business?   Sport Displays is looking for brand ambassadors around the US and Canada to represent our company and products to their school and student base.  Our products have been sold to major retailers, professional sport franchises (NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, MLS)major tradeshows throughout the world,  and through online retailers. Our products have been designed for student and fan décor! Our best selling product the Jersey Mount can be mounted to any surface type using...

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