Sport Displays Fundraisers are one of the best fundraisers on the market today for sport teams/leagues/organizations/clubs or anything sport related.


Typically, how our fundraisers work is as follows.

  1. There are no upfront costs. That's right, your team is not required to order any upfront units whatsoever! How our fundraisers work is we share with you and your parents/players/coaches etc a customized fundraising flyer that explains the fundraiser and our product.  We can even create a temporary fundraising page for your team as well so potential customers can check out some information about the product, ie videos, images, the fundraising flyer etc.
  2. Your players/team members etc then use order forms to collect money and sell units beforehand.
  3. Once the money is collected, you simply let us know how many units you need and we will send you the units.  As a fundraiser your team will keep 50% of the proceeds. 
  4. Our product is sold online for $39.99 or $40.00.  We offer two options to your team on how much to sell the units for.  You can either sell them at $40 each and keep 50% of the proceeds or $20 per unit as your fundraiser or you can discount our product to your customers for an exclusive savings and sell it for $30 however then you would keep $10 as your fundraiser.
Typically, the way our fundraisers have worked in the past with sales is we try and get each player responsible for selling at least 10 units each.
This usually is easy for players to do as typically player will purchase:
  • 3-5 units for personal use (fathers/siblings etc will purchase Jersey Mounts for their own collection
  • 2-4 units for gifts ie stocking stuffer for friends and family for Christmas and the holiday season.
  • 3-5 can easily be sold to friends, neighbours, family friends and even co-workers as typically everyone is a sport fan or knows someone who is.
In terms of profit, assuming your team is between 15-20 players.
If each athlete is able to sell 10 units, your team could raise between $3000.00 - $4000.00 (based on 15 & 20 player teams)
If you were able to get a league on board of between 12-16 teams for example, your league could raise between $36,000 and $64,00!