Golfers with the most hole in ones!

by Nyden Kovatchev on Oct 06, 2023

Golfers with the most hole in ones!

Here are the top three golfers with the most hole in ones!

  1. Hale Irwin: Hale Irwin, a former professional golfer best known for his success on the PGA Tour, holds the record for the most recorded hole-in-ones in professional golf. He had 10 aces during his career on the PGA Tour.

  2. Robert Allenby: Robert Allenby, an Australian professional golfer, is known for his hole-in-one prowess. He has recorded more than 20 hole-in-ones in his career as of 2021.

  3. Clint Bohn: Clint Bohn, a Canadian golfer, reportedly made over 50 hole-in-ones during his amateur career.

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