Meet our new Fundraising Gobal Ambassador Rap Hip Hop Icon, Choclair!

Sport Displays is so proud and pumped to be working with 4 x Juno Winner Mr. Choclair!  Choclair will be our Global Fundraising Ambassador for Canada and the US for new Fundraising Campaign using our flagship product the Jersey Mount.

This partnership is extremely exciting as we look to work with sport leagues throughout Canada and the US for their fundraising initiatives as they try to continue or start their seasons during these tough times.

We will be offering the Jersey Mount at a discount to all of our partnered leagues, while offering no upfront costs or purchases and donating over 50% of the sales back to their leagues along with an extra donation to the community!

Check back with us soon as we will be revealing some more exciting news from Choclair, Sport Displays and our fundraising campaign!

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